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    Paris Travel Diaries: The French

    Some of my friends talked to me several times about their treatment by the French when they were in Paris, more specifically the unfriendly and stiff atmosphere when asking for directions.   “What makes you think you’re entitled to assistance just because you’re a tourist who visited their country?” This was the first question that came to my mind.    On the other hand, my friend argued on that basis that she was a tourist and emphasised that she did contribute to the economy growth of the country. This is certainly true, but if you are just asking direction, what kind of contribution are you referring to in this situation? Nevertheless,…

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    ‘The One’ Doesn’t Exist Without Effort

    Everyone says, “You’ll know when it is right.”  The main question is “What do you mean I will know?” It might start with a random date or some twist of fate or just a friend trying to set you up. You might ‘click’ instantly or argue like enemies. Most importantly, you might not harbour any expectations because, they normally lead to disappointment. You’re guarded and become the knight in shining amour of your own heart. You believe that the right person is all it takes to make this seem small and mend your already fragile heart. But, ‘The One’ doesn’t exist without effort. He might make you laugh; he might…

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    Find Someone Who Loves You Enough To Unload Your Baggage

    I am a huge fan of ‘How I Met Your Mother’. I love Barney’s wacky pickup lines but I love Ted more than Barney as I could relate better to him. What we have in common is how we are consistently searching for ‘The One’ in our lives. We met people, got ourselves into half-baked relationships, and went through several fruitless relationships. Then, we finally realised what we seek in love.   We want someone who loves us enough to unload our baggage.   When we were being casual with someone who caught our attention, we weren’t thinking anything serious at all. We love the company, the fun and perhaps,…

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    PG Is Over-rated, So It’s Time To Push Boundaries

    Before we decided on the content of KayAreWhy, the LOON agreed that this magazine would not be PG friendly. We are both adults, furthermore it would be more relatable to publish content which our generation would be able to relate to. The content would definitely change as we gain more life perspectives and experiences. Therefore someday, it may contradict with what we had previously posted online. So what? We grow up. We gained another perspective in mind. You can’t possibly expect us to remain the same or stay stagnant about our views. KayAreWhy is my child, therefore as I age, it would grow too. Why would I want to strive…

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    Work So Hard Until You No Longer Need To Care About The Price Tag

    To be honest, I hated looking at the price tag first before I could even consider purchasing the item I like. There’s this saying about expensive items that it’s not it’s fault for being out of your budget instead, blame yourself for not being able to afford it. I don’t want to buy an item that could cause me to break the banks but at the same time, I don’t want to have the mindset that I could never ever afford it in my life. As adulthood approaches, I’m forced me to grow up and somehow, my Mom becomes my role model in life when it comes to financial freedom.…

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    Persistence Is The Key To Success And I Will Keep Trying

    I often wondered when KayAreWhy would be successful, which has always been on my mind every single day. But, I am still sticking to the old-fashioned rule: Show up every single day. I don’t know if it would work, but I will still try. There were days when I don’t want to write anything for KayAreWhys as I felt that my work just wasn’t good enough. My doubts weakened my ability to write but, my editor assured me that my pieces were fine. At the back of my mind, I’m always thinking: Am I good enough to write more content for people to read? Are they going to like what…

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    Travel Edition: Swipe Right And Go

    If Tinder is an application where I can swipe right and book my air tickets right away, nobody would be able to catch me anymore. Well, if only that’s true. Somehow, I was tired about my love life due to all these toxicity and so was a friend of mine. Then, we decided to attempt a bold idea. Why not using the energy we have in love and putting that into our travel game? Since our love lives weren’t doing anything great at the moment, why not taking a break from talking to people and building our inner self instead? We looked at the guys whom we swiped right on,…

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    What I Like About KayAreWhys

    KayAreWhys… A blog run by 3 very different women.   KayAreWhys has given me a platform for me to express my views and opinions. It has given me the opportunity to spend time and improve on my passion. More importantly, it has also given me an opportunity to reconnect with my best friend, Moon, and make new friends, namely Krystal.   “The great thing about new friends is that they bring new energy to your soul” This is very true when it comes to KayAreWays.     KayAreWhys is more than a blog or an e-magazine. It is a place where content that we truly believe in is posted. There…

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    I Failed My Relationship Before It Could Do So

    Most of my friends are fully aware that I don’t maintain all my relationships at all, but only a handful know the actual reason why I refused to maintain my relationships. It is all about the emotional attachment towards the other party which makes me feel pressurized regards to the whole shebang we were having at that point of time. Perhaps, life have taught me harsh lessons during my younger days which allows me to value my relationships with my inner circle of friends more. I want the feelings to be mutual, as I would never know when the relationship would expire. Sometimes we drifted apart, sometimes we had an argument…

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    3 Women, 1 Magazine

    At this point in time, many would know that KayAreWhys are operated by 3 women of strong personalities: Krystal, Moon and Priya. Our mutual friend is Moon, who is also the Editor of the team. On another hand, Priya is our resident writer who has her own column on every Thursday. So how does working with these 2 women feel like? Just imagine KayAreWhy being a pizza. (On a side note, if you don’t like pizza, there’s no way we could be friends) Priya likes to have her pizza without the crust, Moon only likes thin crust pizzas. What about me? I am a fan of thick crust pizzas. Our…

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