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    Travelling Didn’t Cure My Anxiety Issues

    I firmly believe that traveling is all about being adventurous, by I also kept you from the truth. Travel didn’t cure my anxiety issue or rather, it somehow made a worse impact on it. I have never spoken to people about it as they wouldn’t share the same perspective and I can understand why. When people talk about travelling, it’s mostly about its positive impact. But now, I am going to share a darker perspective. I have a high frequency of panic attacks. I love travelling alone as that’s the only time which I can do whatever I want to do and not feeling restricted. However, at the same time,…

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    Paris Travel Diaries : Palace Of Versailles

    Oh Palace of Versailles, you’re so beautiful in your own way!   Palace of Versailles is one of the places I decided on when I visited Paris. I didn’t go just because it is an attraction but rather, I was heavily hooked on a show named Versailles. If you don’t know what is it, I highly recommend you to watch it simply for the setting. Everything took place in the Palace of Versailles. I enjoy matching the scenes in Versailles to the Palace of Versailles, which was basically the point of the whole trip. Like, the garden where the lady got killed after the party. or location where King Henry…

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    Paris Travel Diaries: The French

    Some of my friends talked to me several times about their treatment by the French when they were in Paris, more specifically the unfriendly and stiff atmosphere when asking for directions.   “What makes you think you’re entitled to assistance just because you’re a tourist who visited their country?” This was the first question that came to my mind.    On the other hand, my friend argued on that basis that she was a tourist and emphasised that she did contribute to the economy growth of the country. This is certainly true, but if you are just asking direction, what kind of contribution are you referring to in this situation? Nevertheless,…

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    Travel Edition: Swipe Right And Go

    If Tinder is an application where I can swipe right and book my air tickets right away, nobody would be able to catch me anymore. Well, if only that’s true. Somehow, I was tired about my love life due to all these toxicity and so was a friend of mine. Then, we decided to attempt a bold idea. Why not using the energy we have in love and putting that into our travel game? Since our love lives weren’t doing anything great at the moment, why not taking a break from talking to people and building our inner self instead? We looked at the guys whom we swiped right on,…

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    Getting A First-Class Ticket Doesn’t Mean That I Am Rich

    It’s funny how people associate myself with the word ‘rich’ when I was never one from the start. It is weird for that people to have that mindset of me, but I just get used to it and never once bothered to explain. Getting myself a first-class ticket didn’t make me feel that I am rich at all. I am simply living for the experience as most Youtubers did a vlog on that and secretly, I want that too. The concept of rich didn’t occur in my mind, after all that was from my gap year saving. If I’m truly rich, I could afford to purchase a first class ticket…

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    I’m Not Gonna Be Humble, Not When I Worked Hard For It

    In August, I finally achieved one of my dreams: Getting myself onboard on a first class ticket. I would call that experience an eye-opening one. Throughout the flight, they will provide you with free flow of food and drink. In simpler terms, you will be treated like a queen. Whenever I shared about this experience, some of my friends aren’t really supportive of the idea of purchasing a first class ticket. On the other hand, I could understand why they didn’t like the idea but it didn’t affect me. To them, spending close to 10k just for a flight is simply unthinkable. People would much rather to spend that 10k…

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    Take Your Passport And Go

    We always have this on our bucket list: Taking our passports and flying off to another destination. Getting away from our hectic lives and enjoying a well-deserved vacation. We always imagine that at the back of our head but never once did we make that attempt as we are still afraid of it becoming a reality. Why do people still hesitant on something which sounded so enticing and a dream come true? Our twenties is the time when we start to pay our own bills which can get a little overwhelming from the start. You will feel the pinch in your own pocket. Even so, it should not stop you…

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    Impulsive Travelling Is Never For The Faint-Hearted

    I stopped caring about what people tell me whenever they see my travelling stories on Instagram. Now, I am completely omitted to posting those pictures on social media. Why? It’s just so toxic. Trying to explain to people who are already judgemental. People giving their own input as it’s their business to do so.   After knowing me for quite some time, do you really think I would take at least a week or more than a week? It’s not going to happen any time soon as now I really like the way I travel. It’s good for me, bank account and of course my mental health. If you’re interested to read…

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    Guest Post for September: What Type Of Traveler Are You?

    I call myself an explorer, an adventurer and therefore, a traveler. It’s all interconnected. During my childhood, books were my best friends. Adventures, mysteries, romances. This is how my life was going to be, I used to think. I didn’t know back then, but my life was already full of adventures at that time. My family was constantly moving and every new house, new school, and the new city was a new adventure. For some time, my dream was to go to Disneyland. As I grew and learned about new places, Europe became my dream destination. I am Brazilian and my family was middle class but not rich enough to…

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    Waking Up Alone In A Foreign Bedroom

    Whenever people tell me how much they envy my travel lifestyle, all I have to say is that I did work hard for it. Money isn’t just handed to me on a silver plate. When I show a part of my life on social media, I will receive all these backlashes from people whom I know in real life. Most of them view my social media platform as a source of negativity as I often post raw stuff that is heavily associated with emo. Oh well, I can’t please everybody. Therefore, I am just going to please myself. I do like what I have posted. Behind every travelling photos, I…

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