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    The Worst Time Management Tips Ever

    The only way is to motivate yourself is by having a goal. You need to have a goal before knowing the kind of time management tips which would work for you. During a different phrase, it is okay to switch up your time management tips. There are a few tips which I don’t follow because they simply don’t work for me no matter how much I want them to. My time management tips would depend on the nature of my goals. For myself, I do things at my own pace, which means I break most rules about time productivity all the time. I am aware that there are tons of…

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    Make Adulting Easier By Getting A Planner

    One part of adulting is really all about time management. Like I said, it would be wise for anyone to have a planner for time management purposes. And this time around, I’m going to show you the essential stuff in my planner. I am a huge planner girl due to the fact I really do love writing things . However, I do not like to decorate my planners like a scrapbook or a bullet journal user. Apart from it, I am holding 3 planners at the moment for work, self-care and school.  When comes to selecting my planner, I would gravitate towards a fancy one with cute artworks because I…

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    You’re Always Improving, It’s Just That You Can’t See It For Now

    If you don’t know me, it’s time to get to know me a little better now. In College, I study programming but, I am not a good programmer. Most of the time, I would seek help from my friends especially during coursework as I find the questions difficult to understand. Sometimes, I do feel like I am not suitable to work in a programming field since I can’t see myself excelling in the coding world. A small part of me thought of dropping out of college, however I instantly dropped the idea after thinking how much my tuition fees are. UOL is an expensive school! (That’s what my mom said.)…

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    It’s High Time To Get A Planner in 2019

    What I would recommend to anyone when transitioning into adulthood is to get yourself a Planner. Trust me, it will make you feel like you are in control of your life. When you wake up, you would know what to do and expect. I didn’t start using a planner until my polytechnic years. Yes, it’s strange I know but I simply love writing little notes on my notebook. It makes me feel better since I don’t have a good memory. Since one term is roughly 1.5 – 2 months, I just need to keep track of dates and assignments. During that period, the objective of a planner to me was…

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    Don’t Pursue Your Dreams If They Are Always Changing

    After reviewing my life, I realised something: I don’t have a specific dream or ambition. When I was young, I never thought of being a writer. Instead, I wanted to be a autopist since I am pretty into bloody and gore stuff. However I didn’t go for it, which I still don’t get it. Even now. Afterwards, I thought of being an architect, but I didn’t submit it as one of the choices after getting my O level results. On the other hand, I went to an engineering school and took up computing.   It’s funny, isn’t it? Those desires were part of my dream for a period of time yet I never…

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    Don’t Let Your Toxicity Kill You Entirely

    It is a huge world out there with plenty of competition. Everyone can be replaced and I’m certainly not an exception. Is there a way to ensure that I won’t be replaced so easily? Recently, my thoughts are killing me over and over again. I am a toxic person when it comes to work. Consistently asking people around me even my closest friend/ editor if my work can be considered as a quality piece. I just feel really tiny when it comes to working with them, like they are able to resonate with the public better through their writing. My friends tried to reassure me yet I don’t feel the…

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    I Have Goals; I Have Ambitions. I’m Not Your Average Girl

    For as long as I can remember, I’ve always wanted to be a doctor. When my friends used to get excited over band posters and merchandise, I would get excited over scrubs and suture kits. I still do.  It may sound weird but I would rather spend my summer attending classes, volunteering at hospitals and reading books on anatomy than a long trip to Hawaii.   Don’t get me wrong. A long trip and traveling aren’t bad things at all.   Personally, I just want to achieve my goals as soon as possible. This mentality has affected my many relationships. I guess I’m just different. I’m not everyone’s cup of tea. I’m…

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    Internship Is All About Survival

    What do you get the most out of an internship? Could it be finally knowing how to make a good cup of coffee? Knowing the ropes of pleasing your bosses? Or, learning how to use the company’s printer without wasting paper? Well, my friends and I still joke about all these ‘intern stereotypes’ till this day and of course, this list would continue to go on.Whenever my friends bring up the term “internship”, part of my mind started to go into a shut-down mode. I have never liked the idea of being an intern. Cheap labour with wages lower than a part-timer and a workload similar to that of a…

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    I Would Define It As A Career Pre-Debut Instead

    Is it really possible for me to make my debut as a Writer now and behave like everything is all sorted out in my life? Impossible but rather, I couldn’t give a definite answer to that. There is always this fear at the back of my head that all these may not be what I actually wanted in the end.   And, I am afraid that all these while would be a total waste of time with no returns. After all, I am just human.   Never once in my life did I plan out how my life should turn out to be. Nothing has been mapped out, what I…

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    Gossip Girl Novel: Increasing The Odds of Getting Into Your Dream College

    Many students would have a dream college in mind. Those colleges are normally considered as top-tier and have the ability to produce the best students. They are also regarded as a symbol of social status. Let’s talk about how Blair Waldorf failed her college interview, so we could use her as a perfect example how to not screw up your college interview and even increase your chances of success. She expressed her interested in Yale throughout the novels and eventually received the letter regarding her application being shortlisted. Instead of scoring her interview, she turned the ENTIRE college interview into an emotional escape from her life and began to tell…

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