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    Bonus Article: It’s Not Your Partner’s Responsibility To Fix Your Broken Self

    Relationships require effort from both parties and never will it be ever easy. Couples learn and grow together. It’s a learning journey with many ups and downs. Recently, I find myself very intrigued by the idea of fixing another person with love and most importantly, the chances of it being successful. As a matter of fact, most of us are fixers in one way or another. Or, should I say being someone else’s shiny knight in armour as an ego stroke? This would most definitely include me, myself and I. For as long as I can remember, I enjoy being a problem-solver and facing my issues head on. Be it…

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    Bonus Article: Lie After Lie Is Not The Right Way Out

    Let’s all be real here, because this is already 2019 and as a matter of fact, life’s too short to be lying to yourself. Something which everyone is certainly guilty of at some point in their life. Throughout my life of 23 years so far (Oops now my age is revealed), I realised that I haven’t exactly been authentically honest to myself. Not at least the way I wanted. I put up with bullshit from people despite knowing that they shouldn’t be in my life at the moment and it was high time to distance myself from them. I fake my way through conversations at times despite having zero interest in the…

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    Bonus Article: In KayAreWhys, We Settle Things Like Actual Grown-Ups

    There is always this myth that best friends would never be able to work well together because the friendship would somehow get in the way when it comes to making major decisions. Being the skeptic of a rebel, I found myself desperate and excited to overturn this theory.  Hence, I started this little experiment of mine after the establishment of KayAreWhys. To see if we would make it or burn bridges. As everyone could be aware of, KayAreWhys is a digital platform catered to this opinionated generation, which is set up by me and my closest friends. Personally, friends are pretty much the family members by choice and I am…

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    Bonus Article: Having Mental Health Issues Is not Something To Be Ashamed Of

    Whenever the topic about stress is brought up to your parents, they may not be able to resonate with you. There’s this one time where I told my mom about my problems at work. She, being a typical asian tiger mom, simply felt that I wasn’t prepared for the workforce as I was always being protected in the family. If you need something you could simply ask for it. If you made a mistake , family members would forgive you. However, in the workforce, people aren’t going to be nice to you all the time not when you made a mistake. Hence in her eyes, she concluded that I was…

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    An Open Letter To Prospective Guest Post Writers: We Want You!

    If you are a frequent reader of KayAreWhys, you would know about this special section. Every last week of the month, we would showcase guest posts from people across the globe. Honestly, we love their submission as it shows a lot about their personalities and we are able to relate to most posts on a personal level. We’re consistently looking for guest writers on our site to express themselves based on the four categories: Education, Lifestyle, Relationship and Travel. These 4 categories build up the foundation of KayAreWhys and of course, we would be expanding the platform further when the time is right. It’s great to bring everyone together as…

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    Publisher’s Edition: Impression Of Our First Resident Writer, Priya

    If someone ever asked me why I picked Priya to be our resident writer, it’s because when nobody believed in KayAreWhys, she was the first person who did the exact opposite.   She believes in us without a moment of hesitation.    She certainly deserves a place in KayAreWhys and very much so I would want her to stay and work with us. When we started this online magazine, we were so lost yet we kept trying because of our love for writing. We enjoy writing on Medium as well as on Odyssey, hence a part of us wanted to create something that solely belongs to u.   Thus, KayAreWhys…

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    Publisher’s Edition: How I Met The Editor

    Previously in “An Open Letter To My Forever Person“, Moon talked about how we both met and eventually blossomed into this wonderful partnership. This time around, let me do the storytelling on how on earth I met this wonderful woman, which eventually led to her becoming the Chief Editor of KayAreWhys. The funny truth is, I never thought I would become best friends with this woman. Throughout our polytechnic years, we only had one common class together – Commis. A module that has a lot to do with purely writing and expressing ourselves. In addition, it’s a special module that we aren’t with our course mate but simply based on…

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    Bonus Article: We Had A Moment And You Think It’s Gonna Last

    It’s funny to see how some people would try many ways to revive that special moment as if it’s as simple as lighting a cigarette. Feelings, on the other hand, don’t work this way. They fade if the effort isn’t consistent. My friend used to talk to me about this German guy, who is our mutual friend. Well, we both derived that he’s someone who is trying to smash her instead of being genuinely interested in her. Don’t drop me a text and say something which you used to say in the past. Something around the line of “I still miss you” or whatsoever. The feelings aren’t there anymore, right?…

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    Clubbing Edition: Decode His Words

    What’re you exactly looking for when you go to a club?   Hook-ups? Having a great time with friends? Or, just getting over your inexplicable loneliness?   Whenever my friends and I go clubbing, there will only be two outcomes: 1. Everyone dance, drink and go home together. 2. Someone would ditch the group and has his/her own adventures.   Either way, it’s nothing so surprising as it’s the norm in the clubbing scene. To be honest, I feel that clubs are the most non-judgemental places. No matter what kind of body type you have, there is always someone eyeing you. Unlike in the day, women very often get shamed because…

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    Gossip Girl Novel: I Want A Man Who’s Always Certain Of Me

    Whenever people make claims about Nate and Blair being a pair, I find it hard to agree in a logical sense. No, they shouldn’t be together as Nate is always going to be uncertain whenever he lays his eyes on Serena.   Blair would be better off without him. Every woman deserves someone who is certain of her.   The success of a novel or TV show is due to all the drama which is too entertaining and addictive to actually stop. We love drama, or rather we love dramas that doesn’t involve us at all. The more toxic it is, the more reason for us to continue watching. But…

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