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    We Started Hanging Out And Never Stopped

    I can still remember the very first time we met.     It was a college mixer which was one of the lamest things I’ve been to. We met through a mutual friend. That night… I didn’t even know your name nor could I recognize your face. Little did I know that a year later we’d be here. I had to get some goods for my roommate and reached out to you (after that mutual friend gave me your number). You met me in the library… you asked me if I wanted dinner. I didn’t even know you… It was the first time we met. I said yes. I don’t…

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    Is It Worth All The Hurt?​

    The question I ask myself before I step into any relationship is “Is it worth all the hurt ?”.   I’m a realistic person. Never have I had the illusion that love was going to be filled with roses and champagne. Just like how roses have thorns and champagne leads to hangovers, relationships are bound to have arguments. Arguments lead to hurtful words exchanged. You don’t know if your partner meant those words. This is one of the worst things about love. Not knowing if they mean what they say. All you can do is speculate but the raw truth always remains a mystery. Love is blind. Guided by our…

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    India: Back To My Roots

        This year I spent my New Year’s day on the flight. That’s right… up in the air. I was fast asleep when the clock struck 12. What a wonderful start to 2019. I was born in India. At the age of 2, I left India and have only gone back for the occasional weddings or events. My last visit was when I was 10. Since then, I’ve never set foot. I’m pretty sure a lot has changed. More importantly, I don’t remember anything. So I don’t know what I had to pack. I’m known to over pack. For a two week trip, I had a whole suitcase packed.…

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    Make Your Own Family, Blood Of the Covenant Is Thicker Than Water Of The Womb

    Something I’ve realized over the last year, is that the people I choose to keep in my life are more significant than people who were forced into my life by circumstance or genetics. Sometime, it’s better to cut toxicity out of your life even if they are related by blood. There is no reason to feel guilty. You are what or who you surround yourself with. So why harm my already fragile mental health? Actions have consequences. What matters most is my mental health and sanity.   It’s not wrong to invite less people over for Thanksgiving. Inviting people who actually matter is far more important than having a load…

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    New Year New Plans

    I don’t believe in setting new year resolutions because in a month, I’d realize that they don’t work… I have some 15 years of experience to back me up on that. Yet, I still do them anyway. So fuck the new year resolutions that never happen. This year I have only one thing to change. I want to put me first. Me before my family friends and all the people I care about. Yes, it is selfish to put the one looking back at you in the mirror but how many more days do you want to give everyone else more importance? How many more days do you want sleepless…

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    Time To Cut The Assholes Out Of Your Life And Be Happy

    Nothing is worth sacrificing your happiness. Nothing is worth pleasing people who don’t care about you just because you care about them. Yes, this is coming from a people’s pleaser… ME. If there is one thing which I have learned repeatedly throughout 2018, people who care about you will show up when you really need them even if they don’t show up on a regular basis. Keep them in your life at all costs. However, there are people who do not deserve a place in your life so cut them out of your life! Press that delete button… Click that unfriend button. They do not deserve it. Only then will…

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    Anxiety, We Need To Talk!

    It’s the end of the month. The last of the few articles that would give you a glimpse of our minds… Our anxious minds. It’s also time where I have a conversation with my demon: Anxiety Dear Anxiety, You’re not something that I can easily talk about. You’re not something that I can talk to… to anyone. No one understands. Well, even I didn’t for a while. You were behind my irrational fears. You were the shadow always lurking.  You were the reason why I was tossing and turning at 3 am or why I wake up with tears streaming down my face. You put thoughts and seniors in my…

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    I Don’t Like Food. Don’t Judge!

    Everyone gossips about people who don’t look the same or behave the same. My first thought was, how cruel! What if that’s how they feel about me? I glanced the mirror. My hair was a messy curly and bushy. I was an exceedingly anxious. I was one of the smallest girls in my class and I’ve been a runner since I was 14 years old and a dancer since I was 7. Naturally, with cardio being my main form of exercise, my weight was never something I needed to remotely worry about. Despite all that, I was satisfied. Yes, was. Past tense. It all stopped that one night.   I…

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    I Hope That You Would Enjoy The Ride

    It’s not easy dating someone with anxiety. I get it. It’s not easy being with someone that has irrational fears that mean nothing to you. In fact, I sometimes wonder why normal people like you date people like us. But, what’s worse is dating someone who is ambitious and has anxiety. Why ? Ask anyone with an ambitious person who is anxious all the time.  It’s like a never ending rollercoaster ride… if you’re scared of heights. You don’t know what ticks us. You don’t understand what goes through our minds. Our daily struggles and our irrational fears. To you, it may seem like we’re making a mountain out of…

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    To The Man Who’s Dating Anxiety

    You might have seen her sitting in the dark room with tears streaming down her face right after exploding five minutes ago about how you drive 5mph over the speed minute. “That’s ridiculous!” you might say and many others. But, for people like us… people with anxiety… it’s not .  You might have seen her sitting quietly … staring into the far distance with a mix of emotions: panic, fear and many more that are so hard for anyone to describe. She might have tried telling you. She might have tried to explain what goes on in her mind. In reality, her mind is like a maze. There is only…

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